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Voice-Over Casting Calls

Casting Calls America is excited to announce that we just released our new national voice-over audition service. 
This new voice/audio audition service allows casting directors/producers looking for voice talent to post their voice-over casting call and receive playable audio audition submissions directly through our software network. And combined with our recent national multi-site posting feature, now they can post to and receive submissions from any site in our network, all from one account.

How does it work for Casting Directors/Producers?
To post a voice-over casting call simply create a new project and add a role then within the role details mark the “Yes” box next to the “Would you like to accept audio auditions?” question. From there you will asked to either type, paste or upload the sides of the audition directions. That’s it!

When talent submit they’ll receive the audio audition directions, record their audition, then upload the file. Once uploaded and submitted, their profile will appear in your dashboard along with the option to play or download their audition. You can also export and share the submission, including the audio audition links with colleagues, all from one PDF.

How does it work for actors?
All actors who are already registered with any of our sites have automatically been added to also receive voice-over casting calls. No additional action is needed to receive the notices.
To submit an audio audition to a role, they’ll need to first submit, then they’ll be sent the audio audition directions automatically. The they can record their audition using any MP3 recording platform (most smartphones have free apps for this) and simply upload the file then submit.

Ways for Actors to Make Side Money

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Take Surveys – There are multiple “take from home” survey companies. One that we’ve used before is Vindale. They have everything  from quick one-minute survey to hour long surveys, and they pay based upon estimated completion time. You may not qualify for all, but it’s definitely a good way to spend downtime in the greenroom on-set or from home, to make some extra money.
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Earn Gift Cards – Another service that offers good incentives and compensation for taking surveys, watching videos, searching the web and even playing online games is Swagbucks.
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From Home Medical Studies – As seen on SharkTank, DNA Simple wants to find people to do from home medical studies. If a scientist wants to study someone like you, DNAsimple will ask you to provide some saliva in a special container, and you  get $50. It’s anonymous, so the scientists have no access to your name or any other info pointing to you. They just know about your health. $50 just to give some saliva from home? Why not see if you match up?
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Promote Acting Related Classes – With the ReelGuru Academy you can make 20% of the revenue from classes people you refer sign up for.
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Take Photos of Local help Wanted Signs – Yes, seriously! Job Spotter, by Indeed, pays you to take pictures of “Help Wanted” signs in your area, upload them with the where and details, and get paid!
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Announcing “National Multi Site Posting”

Casting Calls America proudly introduces “Nationwide Multi Site Posting”, a new feature that allows casting directors/producers to post their casting calls and acting audition notices quickly and easily to any or all of our sites throughout the United States.

Nationwide Multi Site Posting is the key feature of version 4.0 of our cutting-edge talent listing and submission management software, providing an even better and more efficient way to connect actors with those needing their talents.

What does this mean for actors? More roles! Now, a casting director who is casting a paid role using our self-contained video audition technology can post beyond their “home base”, offering the role to regional and national talent.

Which, for casting directors, obviously means… more talent from which to choose!  Casting a big commercial project in Seattle but also want to see submissions from Portland area talent? Got a new media project in Kansas City that you think is interesting to actors in New Orleans and Twin Cities?  Create one project description and post your roles on one site, then select as many of our national network sites as you want to see the project.  You will get all of your talent submissions in a uniform format, including video auditions, all of which you can review in one centralized, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
See sample dashboard image
What others say about the Casting Calls America software platform:

“After using the Casting Calls America software once we realized this is the way to cast. Now we post all our casting needs through sites operated by Casting Calls America.” Garcia Brothers, Ice Cream Entertainment See their work here

“I got cast in my first national TV & web commercial, and numerous other short-film, TV and independent film roles by submitting through Casting Calls America’s software. I’ll be a member for life.”  – Craig DeLuz, Actor See his national TV spot See him on IMDB

“Posting your casting call on sites operated by Casting Calls America is the easiest and most efficient way to cast local actors for your project. With their software you get committed, professional local talent in an easy to review and manage format. I highly recommend their software for your casting needs.” – Catrine McGregor, C.S.A, Casting Director/Producer of over 400 TV/film projects and founder of ReelGuru.comSee her on IMDB

About Casting Calls America: Casting Calls America owns and operates regionally focused professional talent listing software websites that allow local acting and modeling talent to submit their complete talent profiles through our software to local (and now regional and national) casting calls posted through the platform. Casting Calls America is bonded in California and is proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
Casting Calls America owns and operates the following regional casting call listing and submission management sites:

Casting Calls Austin
Casting Calls Boston
Casting Calls Denver
Casting Calls Houston
Casting Calls Kansas City
Casting Calls Las Vegas
Casting Calls Orlando
Casting Calls Phoenix
Casting Calls Portland
Casting Calls Seattle
Casting Calls Tennessee
Detroit Casting
Idaho Casting
Indiana Casting
New Orleans Casting
Ohio Casting
Oklahoma Casting
Pittsburgh Casting
Sacramento Casting
St. Louis Casting
Twin Cities Casting
Child Actor Casting – COMING SOON!

In partnership with the team at comes Read Through Casting.

ReadThrough Casting allows screenwriters and producers the ability to quickly and easily find the right voice talent for their project. Our powerful, yet easy-to-use software allows those seeking voice actors for their virtual table-reads a simple and expedited process for posting casting calls, accepting and reviewing audio audition submissions and exporting submittals, or emailing them directly through the site, for easier casting outreach and management.

We are an integration between actor and writer databases, each equipped with software to streamline the casting and recording process. Casting calls and notices of voice acting auditions are delivered from WriterDuet projects (via the ReadThrough plugin) to the voice-actor database of Casting Calls America. From here, Casting Calls America allows voice actors from around the country the ability to receive, review and submit audio auditions, all in one place.

To be the first to learn more register below now:

Never Miss a Casting Call or Audition Alert

Don’t Miss Our Emails With Your Casting Call Alerts

Emails from automatically generated software, such as ours, can sometimes be blocked by your email provider, or otherwise marked as “spam.” To avoid this you can add our email(s) to your Safe Sender list.

Emails from our sites come as So for example, if you are wanting to ensure you never miss a casting call from our Houston site Casting Calls Houston, you would add to your safe senders list. If adding Detroit Casting to your safe senders list, you would add

Below is a list/guide to how to add an email to your Safe Senders list for most email services. We’ve put together a list of the most commonly used email programs with easy to follow instructions on how to add email addresses to your Safe Senders List.

How to Add an Email Address to Your Safe Senders List?

Email Account Providers

AOL 8.0+

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Click Add Address icon

Step 3 Verify the sender’s contact information

AOL Webmail

Step 1 Click on the Addresses tab in the upper right corner of the Mailbox window

Step 2 Click on the New drop-down menu and select New Contact.

Step 3 Type the email address of the new contact in the Screen Name field and click the Save button.


Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Click Add Sender

Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct

Step 4 Click “Yes”


Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Right-click the sender’s email address

Step 3 Select Add to Address Book in the short-cut menu

Step 4 Verify the sender’s contact details


Step 1 Open the email.

Step 2 Click on More Options in the upper right hand corner of the message.

Step 3 Click on Add Sender to Contacts List in the header of the email.

Step 4 A confirmation message will be displayed above the email.


Step 1 From the mail screen, click on the Address Book tab.

Step 2 Insert the email address you would like to add.

Step 3 Click Quick Add

Mac Mail

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Right-click the sender’s email address

Step 3 Click Add to contacts in the short-cut menu

Step 4 Click Save and Close

Microsoft Outlook Express 6+

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Left-click the sender icon, or right click the sender’s name

Step 3 Click Add to contact

Step 4 Click Save and close

Microsoft Outlook 2003

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Select Actions on the toolbar

Step 3 Select Junk Email from the drop-down menu

Step 4 Select Add sender to Safe Senders List

Step 5 Verify that our contact information is correct and click Ok

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Click Options on the Tools menu

Step 3 On the Preferences tab, under Email, click Junk E-mail

Step 4 Select Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and click add

Step 5 Enter the email address of the contact and click Ok

Mozilla Thunderbird

Step 1 Click the Address book button

Step 2 Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted

Step 3 Click the New Card button

Step 4 Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our address and click ok

MSN Hotmail (Classic)

Step 1 Open the email.

Step 2 Click Save Address in the menu bar.

Step 3 Verify that our contact information is correct

Step 3 Click OK on the next screen.

Window Live Hotmail

Adding to the Address Book doesn’t automatically add you to the Safe Sender list; you must mark the sender as Safe.

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Click on the Mark as Safe link

Yahoo! Mail

Step 1 Open the email

Step 2 Select the Add to Address Book link.

Step 3 Enter the email address of the contact and click on Save Contact.