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Voice-Over Casting Calls

Casting Calls America is excited to announce that we just released our new national voice-over audition service. 
This new voice/audio audition service allows casting directors/producers looking for voice talent to post their voice-over casting call and receive playable audio audition submissions directly through our software network. And combined with our recent national multi-site posting feature, now they can post to and receive submissions from any site in our network, all from one account.

How does it work for Casting Directors/Producers?
To post a voice-over casting call simply create a new project and add a role then within the role details mark the “Yes” box next to the “Would you like to accept audio auditions?” question. From there you will asked to either type, paste or upload the sides of the audition directions. That’s it!

When talent submit they’ll receive the audio audition directions, record their audition, then upload the file. Once uploaded and submitted, their profile will appear in your dashboard along with the option to play or download their audition. You can also export and share the submission, including the audio audition links with colleagues, all from one PDF.

How does it work for actors?
All actors who are already registered with any of our sites have automatically been added to also receive voice-over casting calls. No additional action is needed to receive the notices.
To submit an audio audition to a role, they’ll need to first submit, then they’ll be sent the audio audition directions automatically. The they can record their audition using any MP3 recording platform (most smartphones have free apps for this) and simply upload the file then submit.

Announcing “National Multi Site Posting”

Casting Calls America proudly introduces “Nationwide Multi Site Posting”, a new feature that allows casting directors/producers to post their casting calls and acting audition notices quickly and easily to any or all of our sites throughout the United States.

Nationwide Multi Site Posting is the key feature of version 4.0 of our cutting-edge talent listing and submission management software, providing an even better and more efficient way to connect actors with those needing their talents.

What does this mean for actors? More roles! Now, a casting director who is casting a paid role using our self-contained video audition technology can post beyond their “home base”, offering the role to regional and national talent.

Which, for casting directors, obviously means… more talent from which to choose!  Casting a big commercial project in Seattle but also want to see submissions from Portland area talent? Got a new media project in Kansas City that you think is interesting to actors in New Orleans and Twin Cities?  Create one project description and post your roles on one site, then select as many of our national network sites as you want to see the project.  You will get all of your talent submissions in a uniform format, including video auditions, all of which you can review in one centralized, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
See sample dashboard image
What others say about the Casting Calls America software platform:

“After using the Casting Calls America software once we realized this is the way to cast. Now we post all our casting needs through sites operated by Casting Calls America.” Garcia Brothers, Ice Cream Entertainment See their work here

“I got cast in my first national TV & web commercial, and numerous other short-film, TV and independent film roles by submitting through Casting Calls America’s software. I’ll be a member for life.”  – Craig DeLuz, Actor See his national TV spot See him on IMDB

“Posting your casting call on sites operated by Casting Calls America is the easiest and most efficient way to cast local actors for your project. With their software you get committed, professional local talent in an easy to review and manage format. I highly recommend their software for your casting needs.” – Catrine McGregor, C.S.A, Casting Director/Producer of over 400 TV/film projects and founder of ReelGuru.comSee her on IMDB

About Casting Calls America: Casting Calls America owns and operates regionally focused professional talent listing software websites that allow local acting and modeling talent to submit their complete talent profiles through our software to local (and now regional and national) casting calls posted through the platform. Casting Calls America is bonded in California and is proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
Casting Calls America owns and operates the following regional casting call listing and submission management sites:

Casting Calls Austin
Casting Calls Boston
Casting Calls Denver
Casting Calls Houston
Casting Calls Kansas City
Casting Calls Las Vegas
Casting Calls Orlando
Casting Calls Phoenix
Casting Calls Portland
Casting Calls Seattle
Casting Calls Tennessee
Detroit Casting
Idaho Casting
Indiana Casting
New Orleans Casting
Ohio Casting
Oklahoma Casting
Pittsburgh Casting
Sacramento Casting
St. Louis Casting
Twin Cities Casting
Child Actor Casting


Are you not booking acting jobs?

Casting Calls America

The team at Casting Calls America recently surveyed casting directors about what was preventing them from contacting or booking actors.

Here were the top three reasons they didn’t contact talent who submitted:

1) Unprofessional headshot
2) No resume
3) No additional photos

Here are the top three reasons they didn’t book talent that submitted:

1) Not a quick enough response to email/phone call.
2) Talent weren’t available when the roles was auditioning/filming.
3) Unprofessional response in either writing (email) or phone.

So, be sure your headshot is on point, your resume is current, you have additional photos (including full body ones) in your profile, check your email/phone messages often, only submit to roles you are available for and always be professional.

And be sure to check out our amazing actors advice video series “Ask a Pro” with tips and advice from such amazing actors as Charles Baker (Skinny Pete on Breaking Bad) and Tim Russ (Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager).

Best wishes and break legs!

Casting Calls America

The cities we operate in and sites we own and operate that are ACTIVELY accepting casting calls and audition notices are:
Sacramento Casting https://SacCasting.com
Casting Calls Portland https://CastingCallsPortland.com
New Orleans Casting https://neworleanscasting.com
Casting Calls Phoenix https://castingcallsphoenix.com
Casting Calls Denver https://castingcallsdenver.com
Casting Calls Memphis https://castingcallsmemphis.com
Twin Cities Casting https://twincitiescasting.com
Casting Calls Kansas City https://castingcallskc.com
Oklahoma Casting https://oklahomacasting.com
Casting Calls Boston https://castingcallsboston.com
Pittsburgh Casting https://pittsburghcasting.com
Casting Calls Austin https://castingcallsaustin.com
Ohio Casting https://ohiocasting.com
and Casting Calls Orlando https://castingcallsorlando.com

Casting Calls Orlando

Casting Calls Orlando is a casting call listing and submission management platform that enables casting directors for TV, film, web, theater and other acting opportunities the ability to more easily notify local actors of their needs and better manage the submissions they receive.

For actors our site offers legitimate acting auditions and casting call notifications in the greater Orlando area. With a complete profile on Casting Calls Boston, actors receive email alerts to new opportunity matches and the ability to simply one-click submit to roles they’re interested in.